Harbour House is a safe and welcoming residential inpatient program designed for the treatment of adults who are experiencing adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or other significant sources of stress.

Harbour House provides short-term crisis stabilization and long-term care for those experiencing a mental health crisis. At Harbour House, we are focused on understanding the individual needs of our residents and helping them regain control of their lives by equipping them with the resources and skills essential to their long-term stability within the community.

Our Goals:

* Support area Hospital Emergency Departments by providing their patients with an alternative to hospitalization.

* Support local Hospital Inpatient Units by providing their patients with residential crisis services that can prevent unnecessary and lengthy hospital stays.

* Support Community-Based Psychiatric Programs by providing a safe place for patients who are struggling with psychiatric needs.

* Support Crisis Response Systems by providing extensive care and an accommodating environment for at-risk individuals who are in severe need of crisis stabilization and monitoring.